8 Steps to Boost Free Youtube Views

Ever wondering why some Youtube newbies can reach a fantastic number of free Youtube views overnight while you, whose videos have been there a year ago, only get about a hundred or so a day – if you are lucky?


Youtube really is a phenomenon now. Thanks to Youtube, a lot of artists become who they are now, a great wave of talented, gifted musicians come from nowhere to voluntarily perform their artwork, tons of marketers become millionaire in their youth. None of them is impossible to you if you manage your channel of videos based on an effective, strategic plan. Additionally, you, as every BIG name on Youtube do, must have dedication, consistency and creativity to prevent from being swept away by your competitors’ videos.


How to Get the Steady Growth of Free Youtube Views?

Controversial videos usually undergo so-called viral growth, which explodes but disappears rapidly. It usually occurs on one-hit wonders. The videos can reach hundred thousands of free Youtube views or free Youtube subscribers in a few days, for instance. However, it is not something a marketer should eagerly look for. Steady growth is what counts. You invest time and effort more in the videos; but you sure hold a stronger, more loyal viewership in hand. Here is a step-by-step procedure to bring in steady growth in your channel.

Step 1. Understand the audience
Viewers, to be flocked on your videos, need something that piques their interest and curiosity. They will not want to spend their precious time for watching videos that do not fit their expectations at all. So, ask yourself some essential data about your audience: their age group, interest, favorite type of videos, and ways to finding the videos they watch. The questions can help in the video production and management.

Step 2. Watch your title
You have a limited space to fully display your title on Youtube so make it compact but appealing. Avoid fatally useless words such as “About Me”, “My First Video” and “Mov001.mp4”. Make sure the title describe your content very well.

Step 3. Choose a relevant thumbnail
People will take a glance at your thumbnail before deciding whether or not they will watch it. So, choose it carefully. Make sure that it can exemplify the content and quality of your video. To make it look like a professional magazine cover, add some text and encourage them to choose your video!

Step 4. Be consistent in quality
First impressions matter; but it does not mean that the second, third, etc can be looked down. Be consistent in your video quality, production quality, metadata and release schedule, and keep your viewers hooked to your videos and hit the “subscribe” button.

Step 5. Make a useful public playlist
Playlists of serial content or topical content can be useful for people dropping by your channel. To Youtubers, playlists are considered less distracting and more organized. Through playlists, they can obtain what they want, so do you.

Step 6. Interlink videos
It is not a sin to fill your videos with annotations here and there. It can increase visibility and view counts in no time! Not using the Youtube feature, you are just losing a lot of potential viewers, or potential subscribers. Not good in words? Make it simply like asking your viewers to become subscribers.

Step 7. Add external link
Keep your viewers hooked to your channel. Give more information they want. If it is not enough to give it in videos, why don’t you do it on your blog? Add an external link annotation to your videos, engage your viewers and increase your conversion rate.

Step 8. Embed videos on a blog
It works so well if you have a high-rating blog or website. Transfer the traffic from your blog to your channel on Youtube. Let both your Youtube channel and blog work together.

The 8 steps are seriously easy-to-follow and cost nothing but a little time. So, do them all and see the skyrocketed number of free Youtube views soon!